Models / Pricing

headtube badge (cleaned)Whether you’re looking for all-day comfort or the most aggressive speed machine, I will create a bike that will get you there.

All frames are fillet brazed 4130 steel, with typical dropouts for the application (track/SS, road, ISO disc, etc.), powder coated (single color)/chased/faced and ready to assemble into a complete bike, including cable guides and bosses for two water bottles (except on track bikes and competition-only ‘cross bikes) — other desired braze-ons or features* will affect final pricing. Fillet brazed or lugged crown forks powder coated to match (or a complementary color) are additional — see pricing in the following links. I can also assemble your new custom frame to a complete bike with almost any build kit. Component pricing is not included in the below base frame cost.

Road Frames — Thor/Sif, gods of Thunder and Battle  Starting at $1000

All-Road and ‘Cross Frames — Vidarr/Jord, gods of forest, silence and Earth  Starting at $1100

Hard-tail Mountain Frames — Fenrir, wolf-son of Loki Starting at $1100

Triathlon Frames — Val, god of revenge  Starting at $1000

Track Frames — Tyr, god of war  Starting at $850

Forks — Prices vary with style.


* Specific dropouts such as Toggle Drops, extra water bottle mounts, front derailleur hanger, pump peg, stainless seat- and/or chain-stays, S and S Machine couplers, etc.