Track Frames– Tyr

Track Frames — Tyr, god or War Starting at $850headtube badge (cleaned)

The hipster crowd has fallen in love with the fixie thing, but often that means a track bike, built for a steeply banked oval and the quickest of handling. Awesome when you’re on the track. Not so much when you’re on the road.

Mjolnir Cycles understands the differences, and can build both — competition track bikes for the ‘drome, and fixed gear bikes for the road.

Get your fix — fixies. Track bikes and fixed gear bikes, made to fit, not just get you around the oval (or around town). And if you still want to coast around corners, a single speed.

Featured options:
650c (571) or 700c (622) wheel sizes.
Rim caliper brake mounts if desired.
Competition track geometry.
BSA68mm English threaded bottom brackets.
Complements with lugged crown “road” or aero fork.