headtube badge (cleaned)As a custom bike frame builder, I build to suit the rider and the desired type of riding and feel. There is no “stock frame” that I build. Each build from Mjolnir Cycles is as unique as the rider.

Final pricing can never be an exact number thrown out into the market — too many things will influence it, from tubing selection to desired braze-ons to changes in the prices of raw materials. The pricing listed on this site is a base price for the type of build, including typical dropouts and braze-on pieces at this time, and does not include shipping*. Note that forks are priced separately from frames.

Here’s how the process works:

1) Contact me! This will reserve a place in the build queue and start a conversation between us about the bike you are wanting to have built. I would love to schedule a ride-along to see you on your current bike, but this isn’t a deal-breaker. This will generate a preliminary design.

2) When your turn in the fabrication queue approaches, I will contact you to negotiate any final changes that need to be made, and will work out the final pricing*.

3) Once the final design and price* is agreed upon, a 50% deposit on the frame and fork (if ordered) will be required before I begin cutting metal.

4) I will keep you informed of the progress on your frame.

5) Once fabrication and paint/powdercoating is complete, the remainder of the price* will be required prior to delivery.

I can also do complete bike builds. If ordering any components through me, those will require 100% payment at the time of ordering.

To begin the process, send me an email at info@mjolnircycles.com.


* Note: Shipping of bike frames, and especially complete bikes, can be costly. I will utilize the least expensive methods that I know will provide delivery of an unscathed product, but this price will be invoiced to the customer as part of the final cost prior to shipment.