headtube badge (cleaned)Mjolnir Cycles also makes custom forks! All Mjolnir Cycles forks use straight blades — it’s the only aesthetic to which I ascribe.

Segmented — $200
A very robust design, maximum tire clearance. Using butted straight-diameter legs and hooded dropouts for off-road forks, tapered legs and plug type dropouts for road forks. Includes disc brake Willets mount.

Unicrown, All-road and HT MTB– $180
A design generally associated with MTBs, can be made to accommodate most any tire size. Includes disc brake Willets mount.

Unicrown, Road– $160
Similar to above, but with rim caliper brake mount instead of disc mount.

Lugged All-Road/Cross — $180
Classic look, rugged performance. Specific tapered fork blades for disc brake application. Includes disc brake Willets mount.

Lugged Road — $150
Classic road fork.

Aero — $150
For road, track, or time-trial/tri only. Aero-section blades are brazed directly to the steerer.

A hidden fender mount can be included on any of these forks.